made by hand

Helen Lee ceramics

the magical world of clay

Clay is such an incredible material – abundant, flexible, sensuous and utterly transformative. 

inspiration, design, form


Clay is the result of the earth’s crust being worn down over millennia, it transforms completely with intense heat into a timeless object of practicality and beauty.

clay and health

An interesting article on clay and health in Ceramic Review can be seen here.

clay and dementia

Read about the relationship between clay and dementia on pages 18-19 of the summer issue of the South Wales Potters’ Newsletter here.

clay in discussion

See the online symposium ‘Sustaining the Studio – Sustaining Self’ with CoCA and the Leach Pottery here soon.

a unity of design and execution

"In the work of the potter-artist, who throws his [or her] own pots, there is a unity of design and execution, a co-operation of hand and undivided personality, for designer and craftsman [and craftswoman] are one."