I day dreamed my way through school, imagining myself walking in the footsteps of the Japanese potter Hamada Shoji, A Potter’s Book by the father of British studio pottery, Bernard Leach, my constant companion.

I followed school with a Diploma in Ceramics at Epsom School of Art and Design but after failed attempts to find a pottery apprenticeship I abandoned my dreams of becoming a potter. Since then I have followed a varied career path that has included the auction business, Buddhist studies, teaching English in Japan, graphics and psychotherapy.

After a very difficult period of illness in 2014 I found myself a profoundly changed person. Craving joy and a simpler existence I realised I wanted to return to my first love, working with clay. Turning Earth Open Access Studio gave me the opportunity to rebuild my skills in London, and this journey has now led me to St Ives in Cornwall. Here I rent a space at the Gaolyard Studios, a collection of nine studios and a communal kiln room owned by potter John Bedding. I am slowly settling into my new life by the sea…


Getting out of my head and into my senses is always the biggest challenge for me, but also the most rewarding. What is my voice in this process and how do I express it in form rather than words?


There are a lot of processes to get one’s head around in ceramics, from preparing the clay to firing to temperatures as high as 1,260 degrees centigrade.


I love working with my hands, especially with clay, and love to leave their throwing marks on my work…read more about my understanding of how good it is to work with your hands here.